Sunday, May 16, 2010

Collective Makeup Haul - 05162010

Shopping theraphy <3 So I got this and that from here and there. Sorry, I haven't really had any time to test out the products yet. But should anyone want me to do a review, just let me know. NOTE: All of the makeup/cosmetics were bought with my own money. :3

- Smashbox Beauty Confidential, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 0004 Nude,
Benefit to go Beauty "best sellers",  L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum and  Prestige "My Biggest Lashes" in MBG-01 black

I hope these products don't disappoint - I have high expectations from these brands, although they've been getting mixed reviews from some bloggers. I think it really depends on what the person concerned is looking for, so I hope all of these suit me. <3

- Benefit to go Beauty "best sellers" - That Gal Brightening Face Primer,  Highbeam,  Posietint, Some Kinda Gorgeous which I got online from the on-hand items from the House of Flair 

- Smashbox Beauty Confidential: Limitless Longwear Lip Gloss in Timeless, Eyeshadow Pallete in Classifeyed, Photo Finish Primer, Blush/Soft Light Duo in Under/Cover bought from the Beauty Bar.

Information about the House of Flair taken from their FB page, "The House of Flair is an online store that is the preferred choice for Victoria's Secret & Sephora shoppers in the Philippines. We can pre-order anything available from their online stores and bring them straight to your doorstep!"
My experience in doing business with them was A-ok. It was hassle free and fast. The items were shipped out the next day as soon as I paid. :3 They even gave me a freebie which I forgot to include in the photos. =________= 

Well, that's about it for now. 

Sugar ^-^


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment:) I'd love to know what you think of posietint! I was thinking about getting it but I wasn't sure it wouldbe worth the price.. xxx

Anonymous said...

woooooooooow. ang dami. :)

sugar sugar said...

Layla - LOL! :3 First comment!

Ariel - Will do a review for you soon. The set I got is composed of like miniature best-sellers. :3 I was also hesitant to purchase full sized ones since:
1. Benetint isn't locally sold here. It's pretty hard to buy.
2. As you said, they're kind of pricey. But this set I got is reasonably priced I think. ^^

Will let you know when I've road tested it.

sugar sugar said...

woooooooooow. ang dami. :)

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